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NeaCera Terra Cotta Rain Screen

 NeaCera®...the budget freindly & pre-engineered Terra-cotta rainscreen system...

The perception of Terra-cotta rainscreen is that it generally comes at a high cost.  Not the case with NeaCera® Terra-cotta.  The pre-engineered architectural drained and rear ventilated rain screen system provides lighter weight panels with exceptional strength using solid and single wall design with rear reinforcing ribs that also serve as a simple and fully integrated panel hanging mechanism.  For more about NeaCera patented panel technology, click here.

”Basically like hanging shelves...”

The easy to install, pre-engineered hanging system is one of the main reasons why NeaCera's is a considerable less expensive system to install.  The pre-engineered attachment system eliminates the need for individual clips.  Click here to watch installation video


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