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ROK-ON Structural Insulated Sheathing

ROK-ON™ Structural Insulated Sheathing combines strength, fire resistance and insulation efficiency all in one panel making it a code compliant, budget friendly choice for Architects and designers to specify. ROK-ON™ is made using non-combustible, structural surface on the outside face as well as on the inside face of the panel which encapsultes the insulation making it superior in strength and fire resistance  .  For more information on ROK-ON™ SIS please call or email us or visit the ROK-ON™ website 

PROJECT PROFILE: Mary Winder Community Center (Oneida, NY)

It's one thing to logically think... it must be better, more effiecient and cost effective to have 3-layers of exterior wall assembley in one panel... but knowing what you know based on experience from an actual installation makes the logical thought a reality and believable.  

 TAKE-AWAYS from Project Install:

  • ROK-ON is faster than tradition continuously insulated wall method with seperate layers.  
  • ROK-ON reduces waste.  60,000 SF figured with 5% waste (6 panel left over.)   
  • ROK-ON might be a little heavier than traditioanl sheathing but is flat and has a 2-3/4" ledge for the panel to set on. (shown in pciture above) 
  • ROK-ON has a back sheet which allows panels to bridge studs - eliminated the need to cut back panels to fall on studs (saves time and waste)
  • ROK-ON provides a flat, smooth surface for cladding attachment.
  • ROK-ON can be left uncovered for 180 days).  No buttering of joints required for protection against moisture...Not the case for plywood based SIS products.
  • ROK-ON provided pre-cut panels for radius atrium.
  • ROK-ON provides pre-ripped, non-combustible x structural window bucks.  Big $$ savings over FT 2x10 ripped to 8-3/4" in field.
  • ROK-ON Engineers worked with project engineer and architect to design fin brackets.  Brackets attached to outside face of ROK-ON - not back to stud.
  • ROK-ON is installed with 1 trade (sheathing, CI and cladding attachment) vs. multiple trades.
  • ROK-ON 3 in 1 panel is less material handling on site.


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