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STENI Engineered Stone Rain Screen

60-year warranty

STENI Engineered Stone rain screen panels are fiberglass reinforced polymer compiste with a crushed limestone core.  The combination of materials make for an extremely durable, strong finished product.  STENI offers 3 panel options each with several color and deisgn options (Colour, Vision and Nature) and all panels come with a 60-year warranty.   STENI can be installed in any climate, regardless of time of year and temperature are frost/moistuer resistant and can be immersed in water for long periods of time without damaging the panels.


Ls and U-shapes by Steni are unique in the industry. Curved and corner elements provide exciting opportunities and produce seamless transitions at outside corners, window returns, columns and bump outs. 

CLICK HERE to see performed corner install video

Steni Colour Reuse – Façade system designed for reuse

Reuse of building materials is the current and future answer to several global environmental challenges. Steni Colour Reuse is a façade system designed to be used repeatedly.

Our façade panels have a life expectancy of over 100 years, which makes them a good choice for the environment and sustainability.  Steni have taken the step even further by launching Steni Colour Reuse, a set of standardized façade panels that systemize reuse. These are façade panels that can be updated and reused after they are completed in their service in a building. This is sustainability in practice.

Learn more about STENI REUSE, Click Here


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