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PETRARCH Engineered Stone Rain Screen

50-year warranty

PETRARCH panels are made from Reconstituted marble, obtained as left over waste from quarries which would have otherwise been discarded.  PETRARCH is a rugged, through color, stone-like rainscreen cladding with weather resistance and durability to be used in any climate and an ideal options for at grade applications.  WWW.PETRARCHPANELS.COM


PETRARCH can proved factory
mitered, pre-formed corners for
outside corners, window returns
and columns.

Returns of upto 6" can be installed cantilevered-unsupprted on the 
return side making it a nice option
for window


  • 50-year warranty
  • Life expectancy of 50+ years
  • Petrarch panels will not delaminate or decay under any conditions.
  • NFPA 285, Class A.
  • Petrarch panels are anti-graffiti, easy to clean.
  • Best-in-class low moisture absorption (0.15% 24 hours submersion)
  • Best-in-class impact and flexural strength.
  • Face fixed, concealed adhesive fixed or mechanical secret fixed options.
  • Does not require specialized installation.
  • Petrarch panels are available in 4 Textures + 16 Standard Colors and Unlimited Custom Colors, Molds, Images, and Patterns.
  • Proven manufacturer for 50 years with installations worldwide.


DSi Architectural Products
Victor, NY