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CUPACLAD Natural Slate Cladding & Roofing Slates


100 Year Warranty
Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable: Crafted from natural slate, CUPACLAD is a testament to sustainability.
Non-Combustible: Ensuring safety and peace of mind.
High Durability & Maintenance-Free: With a lifespan of over 100 years, CUPACLAD boasts remarkable resilience against the elements.
Its waterproof nature and resistance to wear mean it requires minimal maintenance, and its color remains unchanged over its lifetime.
Versatile Formats & Sizes: Adaptable to various design requirements - Multiple layouts, sizes and shapes.  DESIGN PAGE
Flexible Installation: Whether horizontally or vertically, CUPACLAD offers versatility in installation methods.
Ventilated Rain Screen or Direct Attached: Tailorable to specific architectural needs, codes, and budgets.
Hidden and Exposed Attachment Systems: Providing options to suit aesthetic preferences.

We offer other DSI Architectural Product lines that complement CUPACLAD, including:


Parklex Prodema Natural Wood with Natural Slate: A fusion of natural wood and slate, offering a unique blend of organic textures.


ROK-ON Structural Insulated Sheathing: Our fire-rated, continuously insulated wall assembly enables direct attachment of CUPACLAD
anywhere on the exterior face of ROK-ON. This results in one of the simplest and most cost-effective complete finished, code compliant wall assemblies. 


If you would like additional information about Cupaclad, feel free to reach out via email or phone.  I’m always available and happy to assist. 


DSi Architectural Products
Victor, NY