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Millennium Forms

Colored Stainless Steel Facades...

Millennium Forms (Elkhorn, WI) uses a special electrochemical process to add color to stainless steel by thickening the natural occurance of chromium oxide in stainless steel. This unique and special coloring of stainless steel known as Light Interference Color (LIC) allows Millennium Tiles to produce architectural facade panels in several forms to give an amazing look of perception and beauty.  An interesting characteristic if LIC is the natural color variation exhibited from panel to panel and depending on the angle viewed and lighting conditions also has an effect on how the panels are perceived.


Zalmag® by Millennium Forms is a unique galvanized coating on steel that consist of 11% aluminum, 3% magnesium and the remaining 86% is zinc. Zalmag® made from 95% recycled material is a most budget freindly solution to zinc that patinas to a soft, bluish-gray color after exposed to weather.

Millennium Forms produces LIC Stainless Steel and Zalmag® from several guages (26 to 14 gauge) and sheet sizes (48" x 120") allowing these unique materials to be used in several forms such as wall and roof tiles, flat lock seam panels and custom reveal panels.


Colored Stainless Steel Facade Tiles & Panels

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